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Disaster Recovery

Redstor Pro gives you the ability to protect all data securely and off-site, ensuring that when disaster strikes you can meet RTO and RPOs and get back to operational capacity.

Don't let disaster leave your organisation in a panic


Disaster Recovery


Should disaster strike, your priority will be restoring your most valuable data and getting back to operational capacity by invoking disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Traditional backup and recovery methods, such as tape, will cost time, money and resources and could take weeks to get your data back.

Redstor Pro allows you to prioritise data for restore to ensure you can get back to work while your data is being recovered. By using InstantData and Full System Recovery you can access and work on server data while your infrastructure is being rebuilt and the rest of your data is being recovered in the background.


In a disaster, acting quickly is vital and having the ability to recover all data from one place will save valuable time. By tiering data in advance you will be able to attribute different recovery times for each server or system you protect and recover them in the way which is most efficient.

Being able to recover in a variety of ways, either to physical disk, replacement infrastructure or a virtual environment, will also allow you to choose the disaster recovery solution to suit your environment and requirements.


With 24/7/365 access to Redstor's support teams you can guarantee that the experts will be there to help get your valuable data back and get your environment back to working capacity.

Easy to use

Using the intuitive recovery console your servers will be available for recovery as soon as you need them. Backups can be easily searched and located to guarantee the right data is being recovered.

Disaster Recovery testing

By utilising a cloud platform you can rest easy that your data is always available to be restored, whether it’s a real disaster or a test scenario. Disaster recovery testing will give you peace of mind in knowing that if disaster strikes you are prepared and allow you to better understand the processes you will need to undertake.

Protect yourself

Disaster recovery solutions are an insurance policy for your server data; Redstor Pro allows you to recover all of your data in line with your data protection policies ensuring you can get back to operational capacity quickly, saving time and money.

With a range of recovery options to suit your organisation's needs, Redstor Pro can protect you from disaster whether it be a fire, flood or a cyber-threat like a ransomware attack.


Make sure you can recover all of your data in a disaster.