Linux Backup

If you have local Linux servers or if you are using one of the big cloud providers like Amazon Aws, Azure, Google, Rackspace, etc. it is still a very good idea to back up your data with Redstor. Hosting providers back up your entire system, but often only once a week. Besides that, you have to roll back the entire machine which is rarely the best solution if you only need to recover a few files. Redstor backs up, your files and databases to separate location, so if your local system fails or your cloud provider suddenly close or break you can still access your data and recover it to different location.

A backup is not a backup unless the data is offsite and therein lies the main problem with majority of Linux Backup Software. To get data offsite, in an automated way over existing network connections, the software has to be very efficient and clever with the techniques it uses to reduce and minimise the amount of data transmitted over the network.




This highly scalable, enterprise-grade Redstor Linux backup agent is 40% faster than its nearest competition making it the fastest Linux backup solution on the planet. If your regular full backups are taking too long to complete and impacting business processes then by using Redstor’s fast Linux backup agent, you can significantly reduce your nightly backup window.


The agent is very easy to use and configure, simply select the folders and files to include and exclude, schedule the backup time and the system takes care of the rest. Restores files in a few seconds or easily restore folders or entire systems. Although the agent is very easy to use it has highly configurable options, enabling advanced users to meet operational criteria.

Native Linux Application

The Redstor agent is developed and built as native Linux application so you can rest assured the backup will run reliably and backup all relevant and important information such as security data, file attributes, etc.


Data is encrypted with strong military grade encryption, AES-256, by the agent before the data leaves the server and the data remains encrypted over the network. Data is also written and stored encrypted on the storage server.

Storage Efficient

Intelligent data indexing maintains all relevant backup sets, incremental changes and versions of files, ensuring optimal space is used to store backup data.

Central Management

Monitor and manage thousands of backup agents from one central location and get email alerts when backups fail. Review storage usage on the storage server and monitor maintenance processes from one location.

Enterprise Reporting

Included in the solution at no extra cost is comprehensive enterprise reporting functionality with over 50 built-in reports and full API reference guide to build custom user reports.

Flexible storage options

Backup data can be sent to the local storage server and replicated offsite or can be sent directly to an offsite server. The offsite server can be either a customer-owned DR site or could be in a cloud provider's data centre. The offsite storage server itself can also be replicated to a 3rd location, providing superior geo-redundancy protection of critical backup data.

Flexible Revisions

It doesn’t matter if you need to keep backup revisions for 30 days, 7 years or longer, it’s easy to configure and the system will maintain and clean up older versions as needed when maintenance processes run.

Physical, Virtual or Cloud

It doesn’t matter if you have physical, virtual or cloud Linux systems, with the Redstor Linux backup agent, they can all be protected by single solution.

Auto Updates

Whether you have just a few or thousands of systems to backup, the agent auto update feature is certainly a very important time saver, which helps in making the solution easy to maintain.


Is your internet sometime unreliable? Do you have remote offices with slower connections or road warrior laptop users with flaky wifi connections? None of these matter with the Redstor Linux backup agent, as the system will attempt to retry network connectivity and once re-established it will resume the backup from where it was interrupted.



Block-Level Delta Processing

On a day to day basis when performing typical incremental backups, the average amount of data backed up is roughly 20% of the selected amount of data being protected.

The Redstor Linux backup agent has the advanced feature of tracking block-level changes and on average, the daily rate of change is around 2% of the original selected amount. The means the transferred data volume is 10 times less than standard incremental backup which is very important when protecting large amounts of data and to reduce the amount of data needed to be transmitted over limited internet connections to remote locations. Without this feature, a single backup would take weeks to transmit making it impractical to perform daily backups, but with block-level delta backups nightly backups can complete typically in few hours.

Global De-duplication

Whether it’s a large pdf that was sent over email and users are saving it to their home folders or many systems with the same operating system files being backed up, storing only one copy of the files on the storage server certainly saves a lot of storage space.


The agent has various levels of compression and will adjust based on environmental conditions as well as user preferred backup goals (speed vs size).