Data Protection

The requirement to recover data faster and more efficiently, whilst mitigating the risk of data loss has resulted in legacy tape based and many in-house data protection solutions becoming no longer fit for purpose. Today's cloud based data protection offerings typically provide increased flexibility, reliability, scalability and enhanced recovery options whilst delivering a greater return on investment.

The past, the present

Onsite hardware was long seen as the only viable solution for securing and protecting data due to both the time needed to complete full backups as well as bandwidth limitations, in addition to the complications that would often arise with backing up full copies of large data sets, while tape devices were more often than not the only medium available to store them. Backing up data to tape, while often the most cost-effective method of data protection at the time, brought with it many challenges to the user. Tape backup devices often provided no guarantee in terms of the consistency of the data, while proving time-consuming for IT engineers due to the manual processes required to run a backup, all while offering minimal, if any security.

That changed but wasn't enough

Backup technology has grown in leaps and bounds from the often used tape devices and unreliable external hard drives that were most often used to secure and protect business critical data. Many technologies have been developed to backup data to disk, be that onsite or in the cloud, including Redstor Backup Pro. A distinct advantage of these technologies is their ability to both automatically perform backups at specific times, while the daily backups are run incrementally, backing up only the changes to the initial full backup that was performed. While this method of backup is available in many tape backup technologies, the restoration of data would often prove to be a time and resource intensive operation.


The future

Moving forward, to comply with the challenges posed by both internal and external factors, organisations now require more than just backup. Our range of services, underpinned by our market leading Data Management Platform, offer a comprehensive range of solutions to today’s business challenges, the platform provides data backup and recovery, archiving, security, access and interrogation. This enables our clients to gain visibility, understand all of their data, all of the time

Redstor’s platform automates the management of data; it drives down operational costs, significantly improves the security and availability of data and provides peace of mind.


Redstor are experts in data backup and recovery and have offered a range of on-premise, off-site and hybrid solutions since 1998.

At Redstor, we understand the importance of a robust, secure and scale-out data backup service, offering rapid recovery of both full systems and file level data.

The explosion in data growth and the requirement to recover data faster and more efficiently, whilst mitigating the risk of data loss, means that traditional backup solutions are less reliable and suitable than alternative disk/cloud based offerings, which typically provide increased flexibility, reliability, scalability and enhanced recovery options.

Redstor Backup Pro is a secure and automated backup service designed for both small and large data sets. Extremely flexible, Backup Pro can be delivered as an onsite solution, a fully cloud hosted service or a hybrid of the two.

Backup Pro delivers powerful client side deduplication and compression, significantly reducing network utilisation whilst enhancing backup and restore performance. In addition, Backup Pro’s InstantData offers instant data recovery significantly reducing recovery time objectives for business critical information & data.


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