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Exponential Data Growth

Exponential Data Growth

Data growth and sprawl

Data is growing at an exponential rate with 90% of the world’s data being generated in the last two years alone. Data is sprawling across more devices, applications and cloud platforms and is in more formats.

Organisations need the ability to track what data they have, understand where it is stored and control who has access to it.

Rising data management costs

The rapid growth of data across organisations and industries has caused managing and protecting data to become more expensive. Primary storage solutions are quickly reaching capacity, increasing budgetary pressure whilst backup, DR and archiving data sets are similarly expanding rapidly and requiring more management and infrastructure.

  • Centralised

    Redstor gives a single centralised view of all data across an organisation's network, allowing for easy reporting and management by exception.

  • Scalable

    Built to scale, Redstor's SaaS data management effortlessly scales as your business and its data grows.

  • Flexible

    Designed to protect complex, enterprise environments Redstor can manage and protect data whether it is physical, virtual, local or in the cloud.

Complete data management

Data is on the move, rapidly growing and being stored across multiple systems within an organisation. Redstor helps you to discover, manage and control data in the most appropriate way for your business.

By unifying backup and recovery, disaster recovery, archiving and search Redstor gives organisations a single, secure solution for managing data throughout its life-cycle.

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