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Remove the risk of 'BYOD' and 'BYOC' with Centrastor

Remove the risk of 'BYOD' and 'BYOC' with Centrastor

posted in Product ● 14 Nov 2016

Today’s workforce demand a mobile, fast and efficient way to share content, in an easy to use and fully integrated way. The days of the office PC are well and truly over as rapidly developing technology has led to employees using their own devices including laptops and mobile devices for business purposes. The consumerisation of IT has empowered businesses through increased productivity and reduced costs. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to remain in control over what is happening to their data.

For industries such as the legal, creative, contractual and engineering sectors in particular, data is their biggest asset, so ensuring it is secure and safe is critical. Collaboration is central to any business activity and the ability to work on documents where and whenever possible is a huge benefit to business efficiency and profits.  However, secure and easy access to work documents is not always possible, causing employees to use consumer grade cloud services which presents high security issues. Redstors solution, Centrastor, allows centralised management of cloud storage usable internally and on employee owned devices from any location. Essentially, the service provides encrypted file sync and share for business, enhancing and enabling efficient working. Centrastor fully integrates with existing systems, and provides a full audit trail with point in time version history.

The use of employees’ own devices, leads to a situation where multiple copies and different versions of data are stored on multiple devices, with no central management or authentication to ensure these are secure. People expect to be able to move seamlessly between all devices to continue working as efficiently as possible. The Centrastor app allows this through easy, remote access to all files stored on Centrastor; perfect for people continuously on the move. Centrastor removes the security risk of BYOD through delivering proactive management of business across all devices. The ability to synchronise multiple folders and remotely wipe devices should the need occur demonstrate this. Documents can also be shared with time-limited rules.

A shocking survey released by Beat Bullying reveals that 58% children are scared of attending secondary school due to bullying. 52% feel that bullying in secondary school is more severe than at primary school. The survey also astonishingly reveals that the classroom is the most common place for bullying to occur. Many schools offer a number of different channels to support victims of bullying, however cyber bullying is much more difficult to contend.  There has been much media coverage recently detailing cases of cyber bullying and more schools are putting procedures in place to help the victims. This reactive approach does not take into account that many will simply be too scared to tell an authoritative figure.

Redstor’s E-Safety service represents a proactive approach to addressing bullying and otherwise safeguarding children through monitoring activity on school devices. E-safety will detect specified keywords and will alert staff of any harmful comments or forbidden behaviour, even if the messages are not actually sent. This intelligent service gives teachers the power to demonstrate proactive duty of care to really help the victims and crack down on cyber bullying. 

Security and data protection are at the forefront of Redstor’s offerings and we promise full compliance with the Data Protection Act. Redstor’s Online Backup service ensures data is safely backed up offsite in an encrypted format. Our cloud sync and share service, Centrastor, enables organisations to store and share files securely online from any device with an Internet connection and our CentraStage service enables support providers to guarantee that devices they support are regularly audited, patched and safely up-to-date for effective endpoint management. Our Virtual Disaster Recovery service guarantees to have your systems up and running within minutes following a disaster. To find out more about our services and how we can help you comply with data protection laws and prevent data leakage, please contact us either by giving us a ring on 01189 515 200 or emailing [email protected].

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