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Redstor Announce Strategic Partnership With GDPR Compliance Specialists, GDPR365.

Redstor Announce Strategic Partnership With GDPR Compliance Specialists, GDPR365.

posted in Uncategorized @en-za ● 8 Jun 2018

GDPR overview: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is new legislation that was approved and put in to place by the European Parliament in April 2016. As a European Law, it will become effective after a 2-year transition ending May 25th 2018. The GDPR, replaces the previous Data Protection Directive (DPD), adopted in 1995, and will in the UK, replace and strengthen the Data Protection Act (DPA). One of the initial differences between GDPR and DPD, is that the GDPR is a regulation not a directive; as a regulation, no additional enabling legislation will have to be passed by governments of member states.

The governing body for GDPR in the UK will be the ICO. In this role, they can administer fines for non-compliance. The fines are substantial; they have the power to administer a fine of up to £17 million or 4% of Global Turnover, depending on which is greater, for a serious breach. They will have a vested interest to administer fines as that is how they will be funded.

About the partnership

Redstor are pleased to announce the strategic partnership with GDPR compliance experts, GDPR365, to offer a technical compliance software tool. As a Data Processor, Redstor understands the enhanced level of it responsibility it has under GDPR to ensure the security of individual’s personal data, we will work with end-users and partners to ensure their adherence to the GDPR (Regulation).

Providing partners and customers with the information and support they need to become GDPR compliant is of great importance to Redstor and the partnership with GDPR365 will allow us to assist in this greatly.

About GDPR365

GDPR365 was started by lifelong software entrepreneurs who have built successful cloud-based businesses involving large volumes of sensitive personal data, and are therefore well-versed in the risks involved with managing data privacy.

GDPR365 is collaboration and compliance management solution. The service helps companies understand what they need to do to become compliant with the EU’s data protection regulation and allows teams to work effectively together regardless of geographic location and size to demonstrate ongoing compliance.

GDPR365 is a one of a kind application that assists marketers in ensuring ongoing compliance with GDPR.

Benefits to Redstor partners and customers

Redstor customers and partners will benefit from working with a fully compliant solution and vendor who are committed to adhering to the new regulation. Further to this, Redstor are committed to education and informing organisations on their responsibilities under the GDPR and assisting in this where possible.

Redstor partners will have an opportunity to offer the GDPR365 compliance tool to their own customers and further ensure that organisational measures have been taken to ensure compliance.

GDPR365 has an intuitive interface and thoughtful workflow that simplifies the compliance journey and organizes it into clear, simple tasks that improve collaboration across departments through a cloud based hub.  It provides visibility and accountability with complete oversight of all compliance issues that are in process.

Based on an initial self-assessment, each company receives a customised data protection journey and customised governance documentation Tools to manage subject access requests, data breach incidents, records of processors and client and employee notices make sure the risks related to regulator compliance are reduced.

GDPR365 reduces the risk of non-compliance by assisting with:

  • Subject access requests
  • Data breach incidents
  • Maintaining records of processors
  • Client and employee notices

For further information on the General Data Protection Regulation or to organise a demonstration of the GDPR365 compliance tool contact Redstor here.

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