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Protos turbocharges growth after partnering with Redstor

posted in Press Release ● 26 Oct 2021

Customer data protected soars from 123TB to 460TB in 18 months

Reading, UK, 20 October, 2021 – Protos Technologies has experienced massive growth since partnering with Redstor, a global data management and protection SaaS business, more than tripling the customer data it protects to 460TB in just 18 months.

The Michigan-based provider of data protection and recovery solutions initially migrated 123TB of on-prem protected data to Redstor before expanding rapidly following the acquisition of key larger customers.

Formerly known as Baseline, Protos started out by providing DR services to organisations predominantly from a banking background, but now services a range of sectors.

Ryan Thompson, sales and marketing director at Protos, puts this huge increase in business down to Redstor’s smart, scalable way to manage and protect customer data, which spans modern and legacy infrastructure, whether on prem or in the cloud, including cloud-native, containerised workloads and an ever-widening array of SaaS applications – all through a single app for faster, easier protection.

He said: “Before Redstor we had a level of incumbent data protection that did not really increase. With Redstor’s portfolio we protect more sources of data which has led to significant growth.”

Promising streamlined operations, full visibility and a shorter sales cycle, Redstor helps MSPs better serve customers, identify new revenue possibilities and turbo charge their business.

Purpose-built for MSPs with software that automatically highlights upsell and cross-sell opportunities, Redstor can be deployed and managed easily, without assistance and without the need to purchase and install hardware.

Rapid to deploy with zero upfront costs, Redstor also offers a uniquely efficient method of recovery with a proprietary technology – InstantData™.

In the event of a disaster recovery scenario or changing business demands that require the migration of a machine, users can stream restores on demand, eliminating the need to wait for a full recovery which occurs seamlessly in the background. This reduces Recovery Time Objectives from hours to seconds for near-zero downtime.

Bruce McKnight, IT consultant at Protos added: “A lot of people have not yet gone to the cloud. As they do that, we say ‘in the same way that we protect your Exchange servers, we can seamlessly transition to 365 and on the same pane of glass’ and they really like that.

“For any business onboarding customers in their thousands, there has to be automation. What Redstor is doing is a game-changer. It has been transformational in helping us to fully digitise our business operations and scale more quickly than ever.”

More details in Case study

About Redstor

Redstor offers smart, feature-rich data management and protection for environments offering the broadest coverage of support spanning modern and legacy data infrastructure and an ever-widening array of SaaS applications and platforms, including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce and Xero, with no hardware requirements – through a single app.

Redstor’s Data Management and Protection platform, ensures backup data is safely isolated from live environments and features smarter AI-driven technology to detect and remove malware from within backup data, providing a powerful additional layer of protection against cyber threats. A machine-learning model utilises community and shared insights, gained from malicious files found in backup sets, for community resilience against zero-day threats with automatic updates to improve protection every day.

About Protos

We have decades of experience with a 100% success rate for all disasters declared. Ensuring the security and availability of your data is our #1 objective. We provide disaster recovery solutions, high availability solutions, online data protection and virtual private servers to hundreds of companies nationwide – for enterprises and small businesses alike.

We understand the different needs of each industry. Our experts customize secure, flexible, and resilient solutions for commercial businesses like financial institutions, manufacturers, utilities, and many more.

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