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IDC Kubernetes infobrief

posted in Kubernetes ● 16 Apr 2021

The rise of the digital economy, unexpected market events, and the growing need for business resilience has only served to accelerate the influence of the cloud on infrastructure.

What impact is this having on business leaders?

Check out this IDC InfoBrief and discover:

  • why the rush to containerise mainstream apps is revolutionising the world of data management
  • the main challenges when using Kubernetes in data-heavy, business-critical workloads
  • how Kubernetes data protection represents a massive opportunity for service providers

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How third-party backup for OneNote and Class Notebooks avoids falling into non-compliance trap

If you use OneNote and Class Notebooks regularly, the prospect of waking up one day and finding that your notes have gone, is the stuff of nightmares.

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5 ways to add real value to customers’ digital transformation initiatives by providing Kubernetes backup

Here we outline the five key elements CSPs and Azure consultancies need from a Kubernetes backup solution to add real value to customers’ digital transformation initiatives.

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Microsoft 365 Security – An overview of best practices

The rise in home working, increase in laptops and wide-scale adoption of OneDrive, SharePoint , and OneNote has only served to intensify issues around data security and access.

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