Attix5 websites to be decommissioned and redirected

Following the acquisition of Attix5 by Redstor in 2015 and as part of the ongoing efforts to unite all aspects of the two companies, with a heavy focu…

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Agent-based Or Agentless Backup, Which Is Best?

Why Agent-based Backup is best for Cloud Backup

Manybackuptechnologies offer excellent on-premise protection for a massive range of applications and …

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Data Archiving Best Practice Overview

Data archiving is used to reduce primary storage consumption and the costs related to it. Data that is no longer in use but not yet obsolete can be moved off primary storage space. As an alternative, cloud-based archiving achieves both goals because of cloud storage being so cost effective.

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Cloud Archiving vs Tape Archiving

Data archiving is defined as the process of identifying and moving inactive data out of live systems and into long-term archival storage systems. In this article, we explore the pros and cons of using cloud or tape archiving in freeing up expensive primary storage space in your organisation.

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Virtual machine-nested containers. Say what?

The world of virtualisation is growing rapidly – even if it is doing so haphazardly – and long-standing providers of traditional “BMR” virtual mac…

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Redstor Partner Clay Shooting Day

On the 18thOctober, Redstor hosted its partner update day at the Oxford Gun Club.Paul Evans, Managing Director of Redstor, spoke about how the IT indu…

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Redstor Launches New Website

A message from our CEO, Paul Evans:

After 18 months of heavy lifting, improving all our systems and processes, here at Redstor we are pleased to be l…

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Partner Events Feedback

Our recent November SA and UK partner events were held in Johannesburg and London respectively. It was a great chance for Redstor to have some face ti…

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Redstor in the community

Redstor have a long standing tradition of supporting charities and the local community. It’s a characteristic born out of our close relationship with …

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Reading Power Cut

On the afternoon of Monday 10th August 2015 in Reading Town Centre, just a short walk from the Redstor Head Office, a potentially serious electrical f…

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