Why More and More Corporations are Using Cloud Backup

Cloud computing is everywhere. It has changed the way we communicate and use data both in our personal and professional lives, making our real time in…

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What Makes One Offsite Backup Solution Better Than Another?

The emergence of cloud technologies has brought offsite backup anddata protectionto the forefront of many organization’s thinking. Cloud storage has o…

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Attix5 websites to be decommissioned and redirected

Following the acquisition of Attix5 by Redstor in 2015 and as part of the ongoing efforts to unite all aspects of the two companies, with a heavy focu…

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Virtual machine-nested containers. Say what?

The world of virtualisation is growing rapidly – even if it is doing so haphazardly – and long-standing providers of traditional “BMR” virtual mac…

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Protect Your Data When Upgrading To Windows 10

We’ve beenpromisedthat the new Windows 10 will be “… the Windows you know, only better.” It certainly looks like it from the outside – typic…

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