Average Cost Of SME Data Breaches ‘Between £75,000 & £310,000’

Data protection services could be at the forefront of the minds of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK in the future, given new researc…

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Business continuity 101: how to draw up an effective business plan

Starting a business is a noble yet daunting task. If you’ve ever tried it, you’ll know that it’s mostly a trial-and-error process – usually wi…

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Why Cool New Technologies and Devices Provide Another BYOD Headache

BYODis on the rise. We know this. You need a Bring Your Own Device Policy to make sure your employees don’t destroy your network. We know this too. …

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How will your business fare against flood risks this winter?

Following a rare long and dry summer, autumn heralded the arrival of strong winds and heavy rainfall across much of the country.  There is an increas…

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The 31st of March is World Backup Day

The 31st March has been declared World Backup Day, which aims to create awareness of how important it is to backup all your business critical files an…

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Mayday, mayday, we’ve been hit with a data breach

In recent months, technology giant IBM accidentally sent their own customers Malware, the Metropolitan Police Force gave away contact details of gun u…

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Ransomware Sends Us Back to School

The Education Industry Showed the Highest Ransomware Infection Rates In 2016

In aprevious article, we mentioned that ransomware seems to be targeting…

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