O365 cyber attacks stress need for isolated backup

Johannesburg, 17 December 2019 – Office 365 is a prime target for cyber criminals – and it’s not difficult to understand why when Microsoft announced this year that it has more than 180m active commercial users every month.

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Data Insurance: Is it Enough to Protect Your Data?

Data insuranceis a great way to safeguard your company from data breaches and any other form of lost data, especially if the data in question is sensi…

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Supplier Confidence, Cheap Pricing And How To Keep Systems Clucking In A Disaster

KFC have egg on their face. The fried chicken chain restaurant suffered from logistical problems with not enough chicken being delivered to their rest…

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Back to basics: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Modern organisations must protect against a multitude of threats, be these cyber-threats such asRansomwareor Malware attacks or a physical or natural …

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Back to Basics: Cloud recovery

When reviewing and implementing a backup solution it’s important to remember that the purpose of it is to provide the ability to recover. Recovery i…

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