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  • Founded in 1999

  • Developed in South Africa

  • A decade of partnership

Cloud services provider acquires South African software firm

Redstor acquires Attix5

On September 11th 2015, Redstor, a leading provider of data backup and cloud services announced the acquisition of South African based software developer Attix5. Following a ten-year relationship whereby Attix5 were an integral partner of Redstor, the acquisition transformed Redstor into an international software and service business.

The acquisition of Attix5 was due to their robust and highly secure technology as well as their global customer footprint within the cloud backup, disaster recovery and storage services market.

"The acquisition of Attix5 brings to a close one of the longest running courtships in history. We have been trading with Attix5 since 2005 and have always enjoyed a strong relationship"

Paul Evans, CEO, Redstor

Developing for the future

New staff, offices and technology

In the years since the acquisition Redstor has rebranded the Attix5 technology offering bringing it under the collective ‘Redstor’ software brand. Continuing in the spirit of partnership and growth Redstor built new offices in Somerset West and increased head-count in the development team to drive the development of the technology. This drive in development has seen the technology grow from a backup and recovery platform to an integrated, unified backup and recovery, disaster recovery, archiving, global search and insight solution.

Q. Why did Redstor acquire Attix5?

A. As a long term provider of technology to Redstor, Attix5 and Redstor worked very closely together for over a decade. When the opportunity arose to acquire Attix5, Redstor saw an opportunity to gain greater control over the direction of development of the software using the feedback gained from thousands of customers.

Q. I'm interested in reselling Redstor (formerly Attix5 Backup Professional). How do I get more information?

A. Please contact Redstor via the webchat, by completing a form or by phone or email. Full contact details can be found in the contact us page.

Q. Will the acquisition affect third-party integrations or relationships with other service providers?

A. Redstor is a partner focused business and will continue to support third-party integrations as well as service providers.

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