Search & Insight

Gain borderless visibility of your data, mitigate risk and evidence complianceLearn More


Search & Insight

Gain borderless visibility of your data, mitigate risk and evidence complianceLearn More


Searched and found

Searched and found

  • Manage and control

    As data grows by 40-60% each year and becomes more intrinsically valuable, easily manage and control the fragmented data that you have.

  • Borderless visibility

    Identify and mitigate risks with a complete view of all data, wherever it is stored.

  • Comply with regulations

    Discover, search and action the entirety of your data to address regulation issues, such as GDPR, and evidence compliance.

  • Easily evidence compliance

    Quickly search backups and archives to identify files that require action, including deletion. Every reference to a data subject is found, instantly.

  • Source data in any format

    Find data in a range of file formats, such as contact information and passwords or credit card numbers in unstructured data.

  • Fully auditable

    Only users with appropriate permissions can download or delete files. The process is simple, monitorable, and auditable.

  • Discover, search and action

    Search data from any device, wherever you are. Access files instantly via your browser, and delete them, if required, from backups and archives.

  • Control all your data

    Confidently control and access data, regardless of where it resides, including anything protected in cloud apps such as Microsoft OneDrive.

  • Agility to respond

    Get a competitive advantage with a long-term data management strategy that offers hands-on control and the agility to respond to shifts in the landscape.

With Redstor it does not matter where I am or what time it is. I can check my backups and see any issues within one interface - and I can gain access to my backups as well.

Michael Moreton, IT Manager , Broxap

Data-driven intelligence at your fingertips

Search and insight from Redstor provides a centralized source of truth for unstructured data on any device.

Multiple users are able to search the entirety of their data and find exactly what they need quickly and easily.

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Reject Risk

As data grows and becomes decentralized, while being more intrinsically valuable, it can be an almost impossible task to keep track of what it is and where it exists. Onerous regulations, such as GDPR, place considerable strain on already stretched IT resources. And, it’s likely that further regulations will be enforced. With Redstor, you can:

  • Quickly and easily access data
  • Ensure compliance of data regulations
  • Obtain a unified view of all data

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For me, the most important thing was having great visibility of the data we were backing up. I was very impressed with Redstor from the outset.

Adam Nash, Nelsons