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Advertising and Media

Unified backup and recovery, disaster recovery and archiving service, built for dynamic organizations.

Advertising and Media

Unified backup and recovery, disaster recovery and archiving service, built for dynamic organizations.

Clear Channel reduces management overhead

Discover how IT staff at Clear Channel, one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising corporations, freed up four hours every week by adopting Redstor’s next-generation data management.

Eliminate downtime, ensure deadlines

In an industry driven by deadlines, the cost of downtime is extremely high; reputations and relationships can be put at risk. Redstor eliminates downtime, radically reducing the impact of security incidents, data breaches and hardware failures by giving users the ability to access and use data instantly.

With InstantData you don’t need to wait for a full recovery.

Ideal for companies with widespread users

Businesses with various complex estates find it hard to control all their data confidently, but Redstor enables visibility and streamed, on-demand access to all data, wherever it is stored, through a single control center.

Utilized by organizations who have both office-based and remote users, working across multiple premises and regions, Redstor is designed to be flexible for a range of requirements. It provides extremely fast, cost-effective, secure and reliable backup and recovery, disaster recovery, archiving and global search.

  • Reduce costs

    Redstor requires no additional hardware to protect your data and can be set up in minutes with no need for expensive professional services. Back up and recover data on demand and automate archiving, freeing up primary storage, all at a cost-effective price.

  • Application support

    Don’t settle for only protecting critical systems, Redstor handles large and growing data sets, a vast range of file types and all of the operating systems in your environment, including Mac OS and even your cloud data.

  • Flexible deployment

    Whether image, video, CAD or any other file type, Redstor can be deployed rapidly as a cloud solution, an onsite solution or both. Redstor scales in line with your data as it grows or reduces and ensures 24/7 protection and end-to-end management of data through its life-cycle.

  • Increased availability

    Never wait for a restore again. In a world of 24/7 decision-making, you need your data at the click of a button. Redstor’s InstantData streams data on demand whenever you need it, wherever you are. Manage data on the go with the Redstor mobile app.

"Within five minutes of the leadership team making the decision to invoke DR, I was able to bring the service back using Redstor. That worked extremely well."

Ray McGregor-Allan, Infrastructure Service Manager, CLEAR CHANNEL

Used by advertising and media companies across the globe, Redstor can scale to meet the needs of global companies but remains dynamic enough to deal with the niche needs of smaller firms.

Ensure high availability of data and reduce management overhead with simplified deployment billing. Backup, recovery, archive and search your data from a single, centralized console with easy reporting enabling management by exception.

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