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Policy-driven, secure, automated backup and recovery, disaster recovery, archiving and search designed for accountancy firms.


Policy-driven, secure, automated backup and recovery, disaster recovery, archiving and search designed for accountancy firms.

Industry recognised protection for accountancy firms

Accountancy firms have a number of industry regulations and legislation to comply with including guidance set by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and in the UK, the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA). In an industry that is increasingly regulated, firms must focus on secure data management and protection to allow for accurate reporting and auditing of systems.


Redstor works with a number of highly reputable accountancy firms and is an approved supplier to AIT, which is made up of senior IT decision makers in the accountancy industry.

Unified protection for millions of files

Redstor is optimised for large volumes of unstructured data, including single servers with millions of files and for the protection of sizeable Exchange databases. Unifying backup and recovery, disaster recovery, archiving and global searchRedstor is a comprehensive and cost-effective service, offering full reporting and management by exception, thereby increasing process efficiencies whilst enabling compliance with ICO and ICAEW recommendations and regulations such as the Data Protection Act (2018). 

  • Trusted

    Deployed within 20% of the top 50 Accountancy firms, Redstor is ideal for protecting highly sensitive, confidential client data.

  • Efficient

    Redstor provides extremely fast, cost-effective, secure and reliable backup for accountants – allowing simple recovery of all data, anywhere, anytime.

  • Secure

    Data is protected utilizing military-grade encryption with an encryption key set by you. To ensure data sovereignty, data is protected in UK data centres.

“Redstor online backup has transformed our labour-intensive legacy backup system into something that is intuitive and robust to use.   The system gives both IT and the business the confidence that systems are being backed and can be restored with ease via a user-friendly interface.”

IT Director, Kingston Smith LLP

Redstor has two decades of experience helping organizations manage and protect highly secure data. Experience has enabled Redstor to become one of the most trusted solutions for accountancy firms looking to protect data.

Like many organizations in financial spaces, accountancy firms are often required to retain data for long periods of time. Redstor gives accountancy firms the ability to retain data for months, years or indefinitely without the constraints of having to wait to access it when it's needed again. With InstantData files can be securely archived to the cloud and accessed and used in an instant.

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