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World Backup Day: What would you do if you lost everything?

World Backup Day: What would you do if you lost everything?

posted in Backup & RecoveryRedstor ● 31 Mar 2017

In a world driven by data, protecting digital assets should be a priority for people and organizations everywhere. However, many people remain in the dark with backups, 30% of people having never backed up data at all.

World Backup Day on the 31st March, is an independent initiative set up to help educate organizations on the risks posed to their data and how backup can protect their systems.

With almost 20 years’ experience in managing and protecting data securely, Redstor are committed to helping organizations and individuals understand the importance of data security and the role that backup takes with in this.

What is backup?

Data Backup is the process of taking a copy of data at a fixed point in time and storing it for a set time frame in an alternate location to its original source. Typically, there are three methods of backing up data,  on-site, hybrid or cloud deployment.

On-site backup deployments require additional hardware for a backup to occur. This could involve a backup server, appliance or removable storage such as tape or disk; Although an effective way to backup, data will still have to be manually stored off-site for disaster recovery purposes.

Cloud only deployments, usually require no additional hardware on-site and are software based solutions. Once set up backups can be initiated on an automated schedule and sent directly to the cloud storage platform in use.

Hybrid deployments combine elements of on-site and cloud deployments, usually by staging backups to an on-site backup server or appliance before then sending data to the cloud. This ensures that data is securely stored offsite and can also be recovered quickly from a local backup.

Why should I backup?

Data loss is a widespread issue but the most common cause of it is simply human error, as with the GitLab disaster earlier this year. Lost devices, Laptops and phones, all have data on them and if one gets lost, although it might not be the first worry, the data on them is also lost; loss of a laptop used for business could also create security concerns.

With malware threats such as Popcorn Time and Cryptolocker, continuing to be a threat, having an intact off-site copy of data could be the only real peace of mind in knowing data can be recovered.

How do I backup?

Backing up data for the first time, or using a new solution, doesn’t have to be daunting. With cloud based backup technologies allowing you to easily scale the amount of data you select for backup, you can start with as little as a folder and grow your backups until your whole estate is protected.

Redstor’s Backup Pro software is a secure, scalable and reliable technology designed with the idea of simplifying backups in mind. Using the intuitive backup console, users can quickly set up an automated schedule and select which data to backup.

Protecting all data, whenever, wherever, forever

Redstor’s data management and security platform encompasses, backup, disaster recovery, archiving and security. By taking a holistic view on data security, Redstor are able to protect data regardless of its location and source and ensure that it can be made available again on demand. Our customer community shapes our future by actively participating in our development roadmap, and we actively respond with monthly releases and feature updates to their benefit.

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