Back to basics: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Modern organizations must protect against a multitude of threats, be these cyber-threats such asRansomwareor Malware attacks or a physical or natural …

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Business Continuity: Redundancy or Redundancies?

The Problem

Picture the scene:Sweaty cyclist arrives at a major UK car service company at 5:35pm on a hot August evening to pick up the family vehicl…

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Data Privacy: Protect Your Data Against Automated Theft

“Automated theft” you say? Hmm, so if thedata theftis automated does that mean thedata securitycan also be automated? The answer is “yes”, and…

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Data Insurance: Is it Enough to Protect Your Data?

Data insuranceis a great way to safeguard your company from data breaches and any other form of lost data, especially if the data in question is sensi…

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5 Threats To Your Data Security and How To Avoid Them

As far as threats to your business go, the one todata securityis probably the worst. Calling the data the “lifeblood” of your business may be clic…

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