What Is Secondary Storage?

Secondary data storage does not have the same requirement as primary storage to be accessed quickly, however, depending on its uses this could become a feature. Learn more about secondary storage and how it can benefit your organization.

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Archive Or Delete – What Should You Do With Your Data?

In an age where data is exploding in size, primary storage is a premium and there are threats from every angle, it is important to manage data more effectively. For a network manager, it can become a time-consuming task simply deciding which data to keep and what to remove. So how do you understand what’s on your network and how best to manage it?

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Data Archiving Best Practice Overview

Data archiving is used to reduce primary storage consumption and the costs related to it. Data that is no longer in use but not yet obsolete can be moved off primary storage space. As an alternative, cloud-based archiving achieves both goals because of cloud storage being so cost effective.

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Cloud Archiving vs Tape Archiving

Data archiving is defined as the process of identifying and moving inactive data out of live systems and into long-term archival storage systems. In this article, we explore the pros and cons of using cloud or tape archiving in freeing up expensive primary storage space in your organization.

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Data Archiving vs Data Backup – What’s The Difference?

Through the life cycle of data, organizations will have to take different actions to ensure data is managed correctly, two such methods are data backup and data archiving and while they can be similar they are not the same.

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