File Sync and Share

Centrastor is an access-anywhere file sync and share platform, delivered from highly secure and resilient UK data centres, that enables you to securely store, collaborate on, manage and track your organisation's data.

Secure and UK-based cloud file sync, sharing and collaboration

Secure and UK-based cloud file sync, sharing and collaboration

What is Centrastor?

The Centrastor service enables IT teams to regain full control of data: auditing what is being shared and with whom, whilst delivering the flexibility that employees demand in today's connected world. It enables employees to access files remotely and share and collaborate with colleagues and customers, storing confidential business (and personal) information securely. In so doing, it negates the need for users to utilise consumer-grade alternatives at the risk of data security and sovereignty.

What are the Benefits?

Access Everything, Anywhere, Anytime

Create, access and modify your data online or offline through the mobile apps, desktop client or web browser of your choice, facilitating complete user choice and enabling a more effective and flexible mobile workforce.

Enterprise File Sharing and Collaboration

Securely share information by project-based rules, both inside and outside your organisation, using two factor authentication to ensure files only ever reach intended collaborators.

Return Control To The IT Department

Centrastor improves data access for users without compromising governance. Data is made readily available through a centrally managed, secure portal and administrators set access rights for the data shared, gain visibility of all changes made through comprehensive versioning and audit trails.

Prevent Leakage

Centrastor provides remote wipe functionality that will remove synchronised data from the device in the event it is lost or stolen, giving peace of mind that access to your business sensitive data will not be given to unauthorised personnel.

Cloud Enable Your Existing Storage

Centrastor allows for multiple folders to be bi-directionally synchronised between a workstation or server and the "Cloud Portal" to enable "access-from-anywhere" to hitherto localised data.

BYOD Enablement

Centrastor supports all major desktop and mobile operating systems. With such a breadth of supported devices, the service facilitates complete user choice in terms of device utilisation, freeing management from supplying company specific hardware.

Transfer Large Files Without Email Attachments

Centrastor allows collaborators access to files via a desktop client, web interface or mobile app thus eliminating the need to clog up email systems with large attachments.

Secure & Encrypted

All data stored in Centrastor is encrypted with 256-bit AES, both in transit and at rest. 128-bit SSL encryption is used during transit. All data is stored in UK data centres ensuring UK data sovereignty.

Active Directory/LDAP Integration

Centrastor directly integrates with existing directory services, simplifying setup, usability and administration.

Public, Hybrid or Private Cloud

Centrastor has multiple deployment models, you can install the service on-premise, hosted in Redstor's UK data centres or a hybrid of the two for improved LAN-speed synchronisation. Regardless of the deployment option, customers retain full administrator rights and full control.

Bandwidth Throttling

Centrastor "File Sync Throughput Control" enables file transfers to the Centrastor portal to be throttled through an interface that offers speed, day and time selectors enabling granular management of precious bandwidth.

UK Support - 24/7/365

All great companies rely on great customer service. At Redstor, customers are at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and satisfaction.

Working with Redstor gains you access to our highly trained and experienced UK-based technical support professionals. We can provide on-site support anywhere in the UK and first-class email and telephone support around the world, on a 9x5 or 24x7 basis. Our team can also provide fully managed, proactive monitoring and administering services.


Share files whilst ensuring that your data remains secure