School Backup

Redstor Backup Service for Schools

Everyday more than 12,000 UK schools, including multi academy trusts, colleges and universities rely on Redstor to protect their data through a fully automated, encrypted and secure online backup and recovery service for education establishments of any size.


Why backup?

Schools and colleges have invested heavily in ICT to run both the curriculum and Management Information Systems, for staff to plan and deliver lessons and to store pupil attainment data. The loss of this data for even a short period of time can have a significant negative impact. With increasingly stringent legislation and industry guidelines, and the much-publicised targeting of UK schools by fraudsters demanding payments of up to £8,000 to unlock data they have encrypted with malware, means that it is more important than ever that schools have adequate protection in place to protect their data. Despite this, many schools are still reliant on dated, unencrypted technology, such as tape (prone to failure) and manual processes (prone to error and omission) to ensure backups take place.

Comply with ICO and Data Protection Act guidance

The Data Protection Act’s 7th Principle states: “You must have appropriate security to prevent the personal data you hold being accidentally or deliberately compromised”. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) states that “If inadequate steps have been taken for protection, it also amounts to a breach of the data protection principles”. For those found to be breaching the Data Protection Act, the ICO has a range of powers from naming and shaming in the form of publicly published undertakings, the ability to issue monetary fines up to £500,000 per incident or to even pursue criminal prosecutions. With the arrival of GDPR, data protection, sovereignty and security is more important than ever, with harsher penalties, more rigidly enforced. Redstor's data management platform is delivered from the UK with data hosted only in Redstor's highly secure data centres, which are supported from the UK.

Comply with SFVS Guidance

The Schools Financial Value Standards (SFVS) has been updated in 2017. Section 2 of Point 25 of the SFVS states that all schools should ensure they have an appropriate plan in case of a disaster; and have daily off-site backups of the school’s important IT systems. RBUSS ensures compliance with Data Protection Regulation including the GDPR, ICO and SFVS guidance by guaranteeing that critical data is securely and automatically backed up offsite daily.

What is RBUSS?

Since 2005, RBUSS has been delivered by a network of specialist education partners (including 70 Local Authorities), who trust Redstor to protect the data in over 12,000 educational establishments nationwide. RBUSS is the only Capita approved, fully automated, online backup and recovery service allowing schools and colleges to back up their data off-site, securely, over the Internet and/or dedicated IP links to our secure, remote data centres. With RBUSS you can reduce costs, reduce complexity and fully automate backups, saving time and money, removing the worry and risk of traditional old-fashioned backup methods and ensuring data is protected and recoverable.



With Backup Pro there is no need for additional backup media or hardware (USB hard drives, DVDs, tapes), making it a cost-effective solution compared to traditional methods. School controlled backup policies give control of file selection and backup schedules ensuring no manual backups have to be taken. The fully automated solution requires no human intervention or daily management and automatically adds resiliency by storing data securely off-site for DR purposes. With 60-days of individual backups held, Backup Pro will meet internal policies and regulations and comply with the School Financial Value Standards (SFVS). Backup Pro is also the Capita approved solution for protecting SIMS, FMS and Discover data.

How does it work?

RBUSS is a fully automated online backup service that allows you to back up and restore all data and files held on your MIS (Admin), Curriculum and school systems. It backs up your data via the Internet or a dedicated link and stores it securely off-site in multiple data centres.

Backups are automatic; data is compressed, encrypted and securely transferred to Redstor’s primary data centre. Data reduction technology in software agents installed on school devices means that only unique blocks of data that have changed since the previous backup are transmitted, reducing impact on valuable bandwidth and increasing the speed of backup and recoverability. Data is continuously mirrored to our secondary data centre for resilience and peace of mind. You can restore data at any time to the same or alternate location. Each backup session is recorded and daily reports are emailed automatically. If a backup is missed, or failed you will receive an email to let you know.


RBUSS’s InstantData presents your backups for temporary access as a virtual drive and for permanent recovery to a destination of your choice. While data is restored behind the scenes, applications can start reading files immediately – especially large files like databases. This kind of near instant recovery significantly reduces your time to recover but also allows low touch tasks, such as auditing and file integrity checks. While InstantData is very useful for DR scenarios, it also makes normal restores as easy as browsing a local file system to ‘drag and drop’ any required files and folders.