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Secure cloud data backup from Redstor that is reliable and cost-effective. Over 40,000 organisations use Redstor's cloud backup software for backing up data online.

Using a fully automated, encrypted and secure cloud backup service to address their business challenges, these organisations rest easy knowing their data is safe with us.

Backup & Recover, Whenever, Wherever

Redstor Backup Pro

Experts in data backup and recovery since 1998, Redstor's data management approach understands the importance of a robust, secure and scale-out data backup. Our services offer rapid recovery of both full systems and file level data. 

The explosion in data growth and the data management requirements that come with it (recover data faster and more efficiently, whilst mitigating the risk of data loss), means that traditional backup solutions are less reliable and suitable than alternative disk/cloud based offerings, which typically provide increased flexibility, reliability, scalability and enhanced recovery options.  

Redstor Backup Pro is a secure and automated backup service designed for both small and large data sets. Extremely flexible, Backup Pro can be delivered as an onsite solution, a fully cloud hosted service or a hybrid of the two.  

Backup Pro delivers powerful client side deduplication and compression, significantly reducing network utilization whilst enhancing backup and restore performance. In addition, Backup Pro’s InstantData offers instant data recovery significantly reducing recovery time objectives for business critical information & data. 


Once your data is gone, it's gone.

With data loss being commonplace due to negligence, malicious damage (such as Ransomware) or accidental deletion, its not a question of "if" but rather "when". If anything should happen to data that is not backed up, it is virtually impossible to retrieve and can cost you and your business money, time and stress.


Protecting your data, regardless of location

Redstor Backup Pro is a secure online, or on-premise, backup and recovery software. Fully customizable and seamlessly scalable; it supports a wide range of operating systems and applications running on servers, desktops, laptops and tablets.  

Providing confidence and peace of mind

Redstor Backup Pro is a fully automated backup solution and removes the risks associated with human intervention. Online backups run to schedules set by the user, and via the central management console, users gain visibility, control and ultimately peace of mind that their data is being protected. The management console addresses the challenges of provisioning, monitoring, maintaining and reporting on remote backup and recovery through a single interface 

Assuring off-site critical data protection  

With Redstor's remote backup services, your data is protected every step of the way. Data is encrypted, at source, using 256-bit AES (GCM) encryption and further protected using TLS ciphers during cloud and offsite backup communication. Encryption keys are unique to every backup client and are chosen by the customer. Data cannot be read without the encryption key and at no point are these encryption keys available to Redstor. 

Cloud backups reducing costs and increasing efficiency 

Redstor Backup Pro negates the need for backup hardware and media. By eliminating the costs inherent in manual online backup procedures, including; costs in media, off-site cloud storage, hardware support or replacement infrastructure every 3-4 years, costs in management time, testing the backups, monitoring the backup platform, cloud backup software maintenance, hardware cooling and powering, As an offsite cloud backup solution, Redstor Backup Pro enables IT staff to focus on more strategic business initiatives.  

Using Backup software helps improve performance 

Forever incremental remote backups ensure minimal data transfer by identifying and sending only changed data. The use of byte or block-level patching techniques together with compression and client side deduplication ensures extremely high levels of efficiency. Intelligent streaming cloud backup technology significantly reduces required local disk usage, to as little as 0.01% of the data selected for backup. Working in parallel with multi-threading remote backup options, this ensures the speed of your backup is improved whilst minimizing the impact on local disk. 

Offering rapid recovery 

Data can be restored at any time to the original or an alternate location. As all data is kept online enabling the user to complete ad hoc file recoveries at any time and as often as required for data within the backup selection and retention period. Our backup solutions make it easy to store and recover your data when you need it.

Functionality within Redstor Backup Pro software allows for the ability to immediately access the backed up data without having to restore it first. InstantData provides access to backup data through Windows Explorer, as if the data was held on a local drive. Files can be browsed, copied and opened when required without the need for the operator to interface with the backup technology at all, Backup Pro seamlessly takes care of recovering the data relevant to the operation being performed. With the Permanent Access option, file and folders can be moved to primary storage without waiting for a restore to run, applications can begin operating on the data immediately.  

Full System Recovery (FSR) 

FSR takes the stress and complexity out of disaster recovery by automating the recovery of your systems. Whether your source machine is physical or virtual, FSR can automatically reassemble your system on virtual disks in VMware or Hyper-V format, removing the operational complexity of recovering a lost server. 

Item level recovery  

Remove the operational headaches associated with item level restores in Exchange, SQL and Sharepoint. Redstor Cloud Backup Pro removes the need to run legacy systems or recovery databases by enabling “drag-and-drop” item level restores through an intuitive user interface. 

Data retention   

Redstor’s Backup Pro software is designed with flexibility in mind. The end user retains full control over the service and therefore can specify retention periods, or amend these at any time to meet new requirements or business demands Data can be retained long term in order to comply with legal requirements for customizable periods up to and over 7 years. 

Backup Pro also provides the ability to archive online backups off to the storage medium of your choice, be that another disk tier, tape or even cloud storage.  

Scale to meet your business needs 

The Redstor Backup Pro online backup solution offers almost unlimited scalability, allowing you to add more cloud Storage Servers as your requirements grow, with data automatically distributed across your server pool and managed through a single interface. This scale out approach means you don’t need to invest in hardware based on predictions of future growth but instead can grow your backup estate as and when your business requirements grow.   

Retain a local copy 

Backup Pro allows for onsite hardware associated with legacy backups to be recommissioned to be used as an effective on-site copy of offsite data. By leveraging existing infrastructure in this way, you can ensure LAN speed recoveries for all data and reduce the impact on your network.

More than backup

Redstor Backup Pro is the essential tool for your organization to take the next step in data protection. Use Backup Pro to understand where your data is, how you are protecting it, and to unify your solutions and manage your data from a single pane.


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