Server Backup

As much of an organization's most critical data often resides on servers, both physical and virtual, server backup is integral to modern data protection. There are many causes of server data loss within organizations, hardware failure, human error, natural disaster and software corruption to name but a few. IT administrators require offsite server backup that facilitates restoring single files or entire servers with ease in the event of any of these occurrences.

In addition to needing to prevent data loss, many organizations must adhere to regulations and legislation which specifies that they must store and protect data residing on servers in such a way that it is secured against access by unauthorized third parties.

To further complicate the need to back up servers, data is growing rapidly within organizations, making the ability to scale a requirement for any physical or VMware server backup solution.


Key Features

  • Remote & offsite backup for servers and other devices

  • Cloud storage or hybrid deployment options

  • Image & file recovery (P2V, V2V, BMR)

  • Military grade encryption

  • Block-level deduplication & compression

  • Bank level security

  • Easily migrate data between servers

  • Server application support -  Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint

  • Centralized live management and monitoring

  • Enterprize availability & 24/7/365 UK-based support

Redstor's Cloud Server Backup Platform

Redstor's award-winning cloud server backup software provides enterprize class server protection for all data allowing you to easily adhere to data management and protection policies.

Underpinned by the Redstor Pro Data Management and Security Platform, Redstor Backup Pro backs up a full server estate with military-grade encryption, to multiple highly secure data centers to make sure there is always a copy of backup data available for restore.

Cloud server backup gives the security and reliability of legacy backups but with added flexibility and scalability. Simple click and select configuration safeguards your data and means you can set up server backup quickly and easily.

Military-grade Encryption Throughout

Server data selected for backup is encrypted with 256-bit AES (GCM) encryption at the source and further protected using TLS ciphers during backup communication. As the user, only you will have the encryption key, giving added resiliency and the peace of mind that only you can decrypt your server data.

Deduplication and Compression

Automates full system restores, with the option of recovering directly onto bare metal or into a fully functioning virtual machine, simplifying your disaster recovery and business continuity processes.

Incremental Forever Backups

By performing incremental only backups, Backup Pro only transfers data that has changed since the last backup to the platform. By sending only the incremental changes, less data is sent which limits bandwidth utilization and reduces backup times. "Synthetic full" backups are stored on the platform ready for restore in the event that they are needed.


InstantData functionality gives you the ability to instantly mount your data for temporary access or permanently restore it to a location of your choice. This allows you to work instantly without having to wait for lengthy restores, or to go through complicated restore processes. InstantData restores data on the fly, meaning only the data you’re accessing gets transmitted and you get rapid access to the data you need.

Full System Recovery (FSR)

FSR takes the stress and complexity out of disaster recovery by automating the recovery of your systems. Whether your source machine is physical or virtual, FSR can automatically reassemble your system on virtual disks in VMware or Hyper-V format, removing the operational complexity of recovering a lost server.

Long Term Retention

With flexible retention periods available, data can be held for any period in order to comply with legislation and guidelines, whether this be 7 or 50 years.

Local Copy

If you want the peace of mind of having backup data onsite or you want LAN speed recoveries, Local Copy gives you the option of storing an additional third copy of backups on your own hardware. Local copy can be enabled with configurable retention on a subset of your machines, meaning you only store the data you want.



As experts with almost 20 years' experience managing and protecting critical data sets, Redstor understand the challenges associated with server backup and the best practices that all organizations should stick to.

Backup all data

It is important to assign appropriate policies to data sets within an estate, based on in its importance or stage in the data lifecycle. One thing that does not change is the need to backup all data. With businesses evolving and the value of data growing, organizations need to protect their digital assets.


With Cyber-crime on the rise you'll be busy protecting your network and data in many ways, allowing data to leave site unencrypted can undo this hard work in a matter of minutes. This applies to backup data and any primary data leaving site.


Modern businesses review their server estate and understand that one size does not fit all, often implementing a mixture of physical and virtual servers to fit their needs. It is important to also have the flexibility to backup these servers in different ways, whether that be configuring different retention periods or specifying a varying number of files to be retained.

Review your server backup solutions with Redstor

Whether it's SQL server backup, Exchange backup or VM backup, Redstor's online backup software can increase efficiencies and improve backups for your organization. Our expert team of technical consultants will be on hand to help you each step of the way.