Deployment Options

Deployment Options

We will meet you wherever you are on your journey to the cloud and provide you with a solution that truly meets your business requirements. Extremely flexible, Redstor Pro can be deployed quickly as an onsite solution, a fully hosted SaaS or a hybrid of the two.


Private Cloud

The UK's regulatory requirements and the high value of intellectual property can curtail the adoption of public cloud services in some industries. Backup Pro can be fully deployed on your premises, with mirrored data copies also being hosted in house, giving them all the benefits of a scalable and secure cloud platform within the confinement of their own infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud

Many customers see a clear benefit of having LAN based storage for enhanced backup and recovery speed but fewer have the luxury of a second data center where they can send data for disaster recovery. Backup Pro enables you to provide your customers with local backup infrastructure and offsite replication to your own data center, giving them the benefit of offsite protection without the expense of duplicate infrastructure.

Fully Hosted

As the affordability and reliability of high bandwidth connections improves, customers increasingly see public cloud offerings as a safe and affordable option for their businesses. Redstor’s Cloud Backup Pro service negates the requirement for ongoing investment in on-premise storage hardware and media and, through impressive data deduplication and compression, can be utilized in environments with high data change and limited or poor bandwidth. Data restores are rapid, with the ability to restore data held on Redstor’s platform regardless of age, to any location at the click of a button.