Storage Resource Management

40,000 organizations, from sole traders to global blue chip enterprizes use Redstor Pro to manage their storage.

The challenge of storage management

The volume of data created in the last two years is larger than the total volume created in the previous two thousand years, and over the next twelve months we will create double again. Many organizations are now responsible for data beyond their traditional network, residing safely behind a firewall. They have mobile networks, cloud infrastructure and data residing on, third party storage systems. Managing all of this storage presents challenges in both resource and cost terms.

The problem with disparate storage systems

Ensuring your organization has good data management principles underpinning all processes is a top requirement of today's IT leaders but is hard to achieve for a number of reasons.

  • Fragmented data ownership – Data increasingly resides in data silos, on disparate systems and networks, owned by a variety of stakeholders, making central management a challenge.

  • Massive data growth – The sheer amount of data being generated is resulting in a continually expanding challenge to catalogue, analyse and gain insight from data.

  • Lack of data management systems – Data often resides in a variety of different formats, on a wide range of systems, resulting in duplicate documents and out-of-date versions being stored. Consequently, attributing value to data and determining what is valuable and what can be deleted is difficult.

  • Reactive data management – Without centralized data management and insight, it's almost impossible to identify data management problems. The result is most organizations take a reactive approach until a large issue is identified.


Improve your storage resource management

Organizations using Redstor Pro are better equipped to anticipate future storage resource needs and can improve storage efficiency by quickly identifying data suitable for deletion, archiving or tiering to cheaper storage.

  • Increase the protection priority of high value, high activity data

  • Identify devices to shut down or remove due to inactivity

  • Identify rogue application data or use of storage for non-work purposes

  • Identify data suitable for archiving or tiering to cheaper disk

  • Plan server or cloud migrations more easily

Centralized search of all business data

In order to gain a repository of all business data that can be queried centrally, it's necessary to scan potentially petabytes of data across numerous devices and networks. With Redstor Pro, rather than implementing an additional tool to scan the network, Redstor Insight Pro leverages Redstor Pro's core scanning engine, already deployed on the network to drive either backup or archiving.

  • Benefit from being able to search all organization data from a single application

  • Gain access to data insight without the need for additional scanning

Gain true understanding of organization data

Due to the scale and complexity of data within organizations, it can be difficult to gain a genuine understanding of the nature of data. Redstor Insight Pro addresses this challenge by providing a number of preconfigured and customizable visual views, which enables data to be understood more easily.

  • View data by attributes such as geographic location, file type, device, or other combinations

  • Interrogate metadata to identify files suitable for archiving due to inactivity or requiring more frequent backup

  • Identify users with unusual storage usage or special requirements

  • Easily share visual reports with colleagues and management to support storage decision-making

Gain Insight that can be actioned through Redstor Pro

A key advantage for Redstor customers is that Redstor technology provides meaningful insight as well as the means of implementation. Insights from Redstor Pro can be instantly implemented on discovery.

  • Uncover opportunities for archiving and implement them using Redstor Archiving

  • Highlight data not being backed up or requiring a different backup schedule and implement an appropriate backup schedule with Redstor Backup.


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