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Coronavirus - LATEST

Redstor committed to ensuring continuity of service through COVID-19 outbreak.

Coronavirus - LATEST

Redstor committed to ensuring continuity of service through COVID-19 outbreak.

A message from Paul Evans, Redstor CEO

Redstor has a long, successful history in delivering data management services to customers during times of international disruption and economic pressures.

In line with our adherence to ISO22301 (Business Continuity), the company has:

  • taken all necessary steps to ensure continued security and integrity of customers’ data
  • vigorously been following best practice and government advice
  • liaised closely with key suppliers to prepare for all contingencies

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Is the pandemic putting your data at risk?

With employees urged to work from home during the global pandemic, how sure are you that adequate measures are in place for your organisation to stay healthy?

Never has there been a more pressing time to review disaster-recovery plans and address any shortcomings.

Find out if there’s anything you might have overlooked.

Why there is an even greater need for cyber resiliency

Cyber attackers are preying on the public’s fear of Covid-19 to help spread their malware. Over-stretched healthcare workers and administrative staff are so desperate for answers, they are being tricked into opening malicious emails that appear to come from a trusted source.

Check out some of the scams to avoid and learn the best ways to combat the coronavirus cyber criminals.


A flexible solution that supports home working

Many organisations are seeing a vast increase in remote and home working, placing a strain on IT departments and posing greater risks around data security and protection.

Like physical and virtual infrastructures, Redstor can be deployed to end-points (desktops and laptops), to back up and protect all, or just business critical data. The service can be installed remotely on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis.


Protecting valuable Microsoft 365 data

The use of Microsoft 365 applications has grown significantly during the coronavirus outbreak and organisations now regard securing and protecting this data as more critical than ever.

With Redstor you can:

  • implement M365 protection remotely across your estate within minutes
  • ensure lost or deleted business-critical data can be recovered instantly
  • make significant savings by paying on data volume rather than number of users

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Free Microsoft 365 protection

Are you currently backing up to tape or using an on-prem backup appliance? Here’s how Redstor helps:

  • Remotely manage from wherever you are

    Simple to manage - in less time with fewer problems - without ever having to be physically present anywhere

  • Address increase in M365 and G Suite data

    True cloud-to-cloud protection - no on-prem servers, no impact on storage management

  • Mitigate risks of less protected networks

    Data is encrypted before it leaves employees’ devices and remains that way in transit and in storage

  • Guarantee recovery from ransomware attacks

    Ensure backups are isolated from your live environment so they can't be targeted by cybercriminals

  • Eliminate downtime with immediate access to data

    No need to wait for a full recovery. Redstor ensures your data is always available, instantly streaming whatever you need to any device.

  • Protect physical and virtualised environments

    Start protecting in minutes with a web-based control centre that allows you to assign consistent protection policies across your entire data estate

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