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Why Great Support Is Vital To IT Strategy

Why Great Support Is Vital To IT Strategy

posted in Disaster RecoveryCyber-Security ● 12 Jun 2018

An organisation’s IT strategy must deal with many aspects, from ensuring users have a seamless experience to protecting against the threats of organised cyber-crime. Data is growing, environments are becoming larger and more complex, strategies must remain up to date to reflect this. For many organisations dealing with these challenges and keeping up with the daily tasks of IT can keep under-resourced teams incredibly busy. With so many suppliers and vendors providing services, great support can make all the difference.

“I have dealt with Support in many companies – some has been bad, some has been ok, some is good – your’s (Redstor’s) is great, I actually enjoy dealing with you. Your turnaround time and efficiency are great.”                                                                                                        – Onelogix

Support against threats

The threats that modern IT environments face are far greater than ever before. Cyber-crime such as ransomware or largescale hacks are commonplace and old-fashioned anti-virus sometimes won’t be enough to stop it. Data is stored in more places and service providers may have access to sensitive information, not only will they have to protect it but ensuring that it can be recovered in the event of a disaster is a must.

As organisations, and their data grows, reporting becomes an important aspect. Systems are often more complex, decentralised and harder to manage. The ability to accurately report and predict events before they happen, such as running out of storage capacity, can save vast amounts of time and money and the best support providers will be instrumental in helping with this.

Customer Service is excellent.  The support and advice they offer help our staff plan ahead.

  • Arcadis SSC Europe

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Disaster recovery and business continuity are aspects that all organisations should have detailed plans in place for. Much like insurance, these plans may never be needed but if they are they will come into their own. Disaster recovery is the ability of an organisation to recover data and systems after a disaster natural or cyber has occurred, this could be anything from a flood to a cyber-attack. Business continuity refers to how quickly the organisation can continue to work, as there will be a requirement for minimum downtime and disruption.

Suppliers, vendors and support companies should assist in the event of any disaster and included in business continuity and disaster recovery plans should be the contact details for key suppliers. Ensuring that backup and recovery vendors will make themselves completely available to assist with urgent recoveries of data will save valuable time and be key in cutting downtime.

Going the extra mile

As a supplier or support provider, having a proven track record in assisting organisations will help to set your company apart from the competition. Testimonials and case studies will play an important role in due diligence done by potential new customers.

As an organisation looking for new services, doing due diligence is vital, especially as it will assist in compliance with data protection laws such as the GDPR.

“The support and service from the Redstor team have been exceptional. From the first implementation all the way through to the transition to ESE, we have been impressed by their commitment and willingness to go the extra mile”                          – TCTA

Redstor has for 20-years focused on providing organisations will the highest levels of support to ensure that solutions in the areas of backup and recovery, archiving and disaster recovery are delivered correctly. Regionalised support teams are on-hand 24/7 to assist with urgent data recoveries and platform availability remains at 99.999%.

Trial Redstor today and let us take your IT support to the next level.

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