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Trick Or Treat? Are You Ready To Recover?

Trick Or Treat? Are You Ready To Recover?

posted in Ransomware ● 26 Oct 2017

Cyber-threats are like ghosts and ghouls, haunting systems and causing havoc in the dead of night. Protecting against threats is an ongoing task for any organisation and it is important to put systems in place to help recover should the time come. With so many different threats and so many different systems in place there is no one spell to fix-all, so what are the threats and how can you protect against them?


Zombies, Vampires, Ransomware and Hacking

Whether it’s against super-natural forces or cyber-threats, it is important in any organisation to take measures to protect and reduce the effectiveness of a potential attack. Understanding the types of attacks that can strike will help to do this and can give valuable insight into where areas of weakness may lie within an organisation.

Zombie Ransomware

Ransomware is one of the most well publicised types of cyber-crime, partially due to its rapid rise to prominence throughout 2016 and partially because it has since affected so many organisations. The WannaCry attacks in May (2017), saw ransomware infect over 150,000 organisations in just three days. Ransomware attacks work by encrypting data on a network so that it cannot be accessed, data will only come back from the dead once a ransom has been paid to the demons (cyber-criminals) behind the attack.

Haunted Hacks and Password Attacks

Security systems are evolving to keep up with cyber-threats and to help ensure that critical business systems are safe against attack. Cyber-attacks will often have several stages, the initial stage aimed at disarming security; hacking an account or gaining access to system passwords can be vital to the success of an attack. A password hack will often rely on cyber-criminals repeatedly entering passwords until the correct one is found. This task can be automated but is likely to be CPU intensive and could require multiple machines to accomplish.

Vampire Viruses

Viruses are the most well-established kind of cyber-attack and can often be accounted for by having an up to date anti-virus solution in place. Viruses can lay in wait to take a bite out of systems and will often require some level of user-intervention such as downloading or opening an infected file. Anti-virus may be the repellent garlic to this vampire, but having a secure off-site backup in place to recover from is the only true cure should an infection take hold.


Resurrecting your systems from the dead

If an infection or cyber-attack does take hold of organisational data the effects can be deadly and many organisations who do not have adequate protection may never recover. Implementing data protection policies including disaster recovery measures is vital to being able to resurrect systems. Backup is often the starting place for organisations looking to protect data and ensure it can be recovered, however if backups are not kept securely away from a primary network they may be at risk of infection too.

Redstor’s Backup Pro platform takes copies of data and securely stores them in Redstor’s data centres in an encrypted format ensuring there is no unauthorised access. Data is always available for recovery and with InstantData can be recovered and accessed within a few clicks, with no need to wait for large system recoveries to occur before individual files can be accessed. Redstor support teams may not be the walking-dead but they are available 24/7 to ensure data availability and guide you through recovery spells.

Mummify your data

Almost all organisations have a requirement to keep certain data sets for longer than others, this can present a challenge in how to manage data throughout its lifecycle and ensure it can be accessed if and when required, often by auditors. With Redstor Archiving you can mummify your data and ensure that when it is needed you can recall it. Redstor Archiving is a policy driven migration tool that will free up space on primary systems and help organisations comply with long-term retention policies.

What is data immutability and can it be achieved for backups?

Something that is ‘immutable’ will by definition never change or cannot be changed.


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