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So why choose Redstor Online Backup over tape?

So why choose Redstor Online Backup over tape?

posted in Product ● 7 Apr 2014

Backing up data is a standard business process and today is a regulatory requirement in many industries. In today’s information driven world, ensuring your critical files are adequately protected and that restores will work should they be required is fundamental. With many backup options available, how do you guarantee you are making the best backup choice for your business? There are several options available and this blog will outline a number of benefits associated with Redstor’s Online Backup service over a traditional tape backup service:


Magnetic media is extremely susceptible to corruption and exposure, which is why organisations use disk for primary storage. Most systems that rely on magnetic media are designed to detect these corrupted areas, mark them as “bad,” and reject them for future use. However, backup tapes are not as sophisticated and as a result should the data residing on the tape be exposed to, for example a fingerprint or being too close to a magnetized area, the data on the tape becomes unusable, and you will not be aware until it comes to restore. Redstor Online Backup is an automated backup which runs on a schedule set by users. There is no human intervention required to initiate the process and off-site a backup, which means regardless of whether there is any IT personnel onsite, our customers can rest easy knowing that Redstor Online Backup will be protecting their data as per the schedule set. Our customer’s data is stored on high density disk and mirrored continuously between two data centres, both of which are both located outside of the M25 orbital risk zone. Should a power outage occur, each data centre utilises backup generators which kick in automatically for unparalleled resiliency and no single point of failure.


Tape Backups are taken once a day and are then taken offsite by a member of staff or third party. These procedures cost organisations money in management time and media removal contracts, while also adding risk to the procedure through reliance on people to move, administer and store tapes. Redstor Online Backup provides the ability to send multiple recovery points per day to our data centres, whatever the business requires. The impact of this is that in the event of a disaster, data can be restored from the most recent backup, significantly reducing the financial and operational impact associated with data loss and reducing the Recovery Point Objective (RPO). Recovery Time Objective (RTO) can be significantly reduced with Redstor’s solution also. Market-leading deduplication, speed and compression mean multiple image-based backups can be taken per day. In the event of a disaster, data can be restored easily, enabling the business to regain operational capacity within minutes, significantly improving the existing RTO in place. This also works in reverse. With Delta Restore the software checks the original location of the data for active data blocks and combines these blocks with those on the backup server so that only the differences between the current and desired version of the file are transferred over the network, resulting in lightning fast restore speeds. This feature is particularly useful for the restoration of very large files, such as databases, as it can reduce the data volume that needs to be transferred over the network by as much as 99%, thus increasing recovery speed and drastically reducing downtime.

Scalability & Flexibility

It is nigh on impossible to accurately anticipate data growth in businesses in order to try and provision appropriate backup capacity. This can result in an initial capital expenditure that becomes quickly outdated and new investment is required before any return has been seen on the initial investment. Redstor Online Backup easily scales with your data change, allowing you to keep the same regime in place whether your data increases with business growth; or decreases as you host applications and/or tier your backups with an archiving service and no CAPEX investment is required. Adaptations in the way Redstor Online Backup finds changes means that the technology is the most bandwidth and storage efficient backup service in the market. During each backup session all data is checked against the data that is already available on the Service Platform on a very granular sub-file (block) level. This typically results in a reduction of the daily backup volume by as much as 98.5–99.5%. Further to this, your data is compressed before transfer which then enables multiple backups per day with minimal impact on network utilisation and reduced recovery point.

Management time

Tape Backups are notorious for being difficult to track, administer and manage. Often they are run by someone with limited technical knowledge and the only way to test the integrity of the backups is to restore every tape after every backup, however this is time-consuming and is rarely undertaken by organisations. In contrast, Redstor Online Backup allows you to manage by exception. Every incremental backup presents a synthetic full backup so you can always restore an image of a server or a single file. Backups are automatic; data is compressed, encrypted and securely transferred to Redstor’s primary data centre. Your Backups are continuously mirrored to our secondary data centre for resilience and peace of mind and restores can be processed at any time to anywhere from anywhere. Each backup session is recorded and daily reports are automatically emailed to the administrator. If a backup is missed or fails, you will know about it.


Three security layers exist to protect data: data encryption, network security and account access control. Each backup client is installed with its own encryption key, chosen and known only by the customer. All data is encrypted with AES 128-bit encryption prior to transmission (AES 256-bit are 448 Blowfish are also available). The data cannot be read without the encryption key and is not visible to Redstor or any third party. Data encryption guarantees the security of the data and standard SSL security is used for network security. Both the client software and the Management Console are protected with a username and password. Both data centres maintain the highest levels of physical security by ensuring they have 24hr CCTV surveillance technology, onsite security personnel and a comprehensive set of anti-theft devices coupled with full audit trails of access in and out of the building.

  • 24-hour access for authorised staff.
  • 24-hour onsite security guards at primary site.
  • CCTV surveillance.
  • Fire suppression systems.
  • Battery/generator back-up.
  • Air-conditioned environmental controls.

All data is automatically backed up in its encrypted form via the Internet to individual sites, located geographically separate to ensure the highest levels of system redundancy. Few hosted backup providers can truly match the level of security, system redundancy and contingency planning that Redstor offers its customers. Redstor ensures complete system redundancy allowing us to failover to secondary systems in the unlikely event of a failure. Redstor benefit from fast, reliable, high-capacity and resilient Internet access, offering Enterprise class storage backup systems mirrored continuously to the secondary data centre.

Redstor is ISO 27001 and 9001 accredited which verify our quality control and information security standards as integral components of all our business processes. All our services are compliant with the Information Commissioner’s Office, the Data Protection act and PCI-DSS certified. Redstor provide a range of cloud services designed with data protection and security at the forefront. Our range of secure and encrypted cloud services are already protecting the data of over 10,000 organisations across the UK. Redstor’s Online Backup service ensures data is safely backed up offsite in an encrypted format. Our cloud sync and share service, Centrastor, enables organisations to store and share files securely online from any device with an Internet connection and our CentraStage service enables support providers to guarantee that devices they support are regularly audited, patched and safely up-to-date for effective endpoint management. Our Virtual Disaster Recovery service guarantees to have your systems up and running within minutes following a disaster. To find out more about our services and how we can help you comply with data protection laws and prevent data leakage, please contact us either by giving us a ring on 01189 515 200 or emailing [email protected].

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