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Simplify your worklife with Microsoft 365 protection

Simplify your worklife with Microsoft 365 protection

posted in Backup & RecoveryBusiness ContinuityCloud Archiving ● 16 Aug 2019

Stop losing sleep over ransomware, retention policies, and inevitable human error. Backing up your Microsoft 365 data can improve the way you work in ways you hadn’t even dreamed of.

As we adjust to the reality of a digital-first world, we’re getting less complacent and more security-conscious.

Within a generation, organisations like small businesses and schools have gone from perhaps a single set of hard-copy records to fully electronic systems that are password-protected and regularly backed up.

No-one is questioning the need to back up anymore, not even for cloud platforms. We’ve learned the hard way that storing something online is not the same as backing it up.

If your organisation makes use of a cloud platform like Microsoft 365, whether exclusively or in a hybrid deployment with on-premises servers, you’ve probably already decided to start backing up this data sooner rather than later.

Here are a few ways in which your life is about to get better that you may not even have considered.

1. Accidentally deleting a file won’t create any problems for you.

When you delete an Outlook item permanently, it’s moved to a folder where it survives for an additional 14 days. This default duration can be increased using PowerShell, but only up to 30 days. If the deletion was accidental and you don’t have a third-party backup in place, you’ll never see that file again.

However, if your data is safely backed up with Redstor, you’ll be able to instantly restore the file with InstantDataTM, our unique streaming technology. And you won’t have incurred additional hardware expenses, since true cloud-to-cloud protection for your data doesn’t require any on-premises servers.

Even if the deletion of files isn’t accidental, there are still things that can go wrong. For example, let’s say an employee leaves your organisation and their Microsoft 365 user is deleted as part of the off-boarding process.

It may be some time before it’s discovered that important files which had lived on that employee’s account alone are now inaccessible. Microsoft gives you 30 days in which you can still restore a user account after deleting it, but after that, you’re on your own.

A third-party data management provider like Redstor can assist by archiving the data from such accounts before they are deleted. Access to the archived data is then independent of any Microsoft 365 credentials.

2. You’ll stress less about ransomware.

No organisation is immune to digital attacks, and it’s very much possible for fraudsters to get at your data even if it’s all stored in the cloud. Services like Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync and OneDrive can be exploited to spread ransomware across an entire organisation.

It only takes one user to open the wrong link or download the wrong file.
To make things worse, in some ransomware attacks the hijacked data is copied, the copy encrypted, and the original data deleted, which means that unless you have a third-party backup, you can never recover the original.

Keeping a separate copy of your data elsewhere – a copy that will remain unaffected in case of ransomware – is the only way to protect your valuable information. If your data is backed up with Redstor, your downtime following an attack will be not days, but mere seconds, since you’ll be able to restore what you need as soon as you need it.

3. You’ll determine your own retention policy.

Filled with terms like Litigation Hold, In-Place Hold, messaging records management (MRM) and purges, Microsoft 365’s retention documentation makes for challenging reading. You’d be forgiven for wanting to get the legal team in.

With a third-party provider, on the other hand, you can tailor your policy to your unique business needs. Redstor offers everything from a standard 60-day retention to seven-year or even indefinite retention – and you can still recover straight back to Microsoft 365.

Unlike cloud giants such as Microsoft and Google, a specialist data management provider can also offer you economies of scale, so you can back up more and keep it for longer if you need to.

4. You’ll have someone you can call.

Another benefit of using a specialist provider to back up your Microsoft 365 suite is that you’ll have a partner to whom your business needs matter.

When the chips are down, you’ll have someone who already knows your environment because they check in with you regularly, person-to-person.

You could even feature-request a specific functionality with a reasonable expectation that it’ll be built.

5. You’ll simplify your entire data management process.

By backing up with Redstor, your Microsoft 365 protection will be part of a unified, automated, policy-driven data management strategy.

You’ll use our central control centre to enjoy a sweeping view of your entire data estate, easily ensuring consistent administration.

Office 365 protection and backup with Redstor means less to worry about, and more to be happy about. With a solution that is not generic but tailored to your distinctive needs, you can manage by exception, liberating your IT team.

With Redstor’s role-based access, instant granular recovery, and the protection of strong encryption, cloud data management has never been simpler. Ensure that your data is covered with Microsoft 365 Protection from Redstor.

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