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7 Reasons to back up G Suite using a third party

posted in New Technology ● 30 Oct 2020

7 Reasons to back up G Suite using a third party

Working practices have changed and will continue to change, it is now the norm to work remotely or from home. This has meant a huge increase in organisations relying on cloud platforms, collaboration tools and software, including G Suite.

With new critical data being generated across G Suite, IT teams need to consider how they back up G Suite data and ensure against data loss or corruption.

For IT staff relying on Google to backup G Suite data isn’t a viable option, and legacy on-premise appliances and tape-based backup solutions no longer cut the mustard. G Suite needs to be backed up via a third party and here is why:

What are the 7 reasons to back up G Suite using a third party?

Do not rely on Google to recover your data

Without full control of your data, the capability to act straight away once an issue becomes apparent may be taken out of your hands.

Set your own retention policies

Ensure that your cloud protection adheres to the same retention policies you set for your physical data.

Have complete control over your data

Don’t leave your compliance with data protection laws in the hands of others, ensure that you have complete data management and protection policies.

Recover everything in the event of deletion

What happens when users accidentally or intentionally delete or overwrite files? A non-destructive recovery from a third-party backup provider lets you search for time-specific data and recover it.

Recover G Suite data quickly

Mistaken overwrites, and migration errors can lead to loss of data, loss of time and loss of money. Being solely reliant on Google Support for help recovering lost data can be very time-consuming.

Protect against ransomware attacks

Ransomware can infect local machines and encrypt data, including Google Drive files and other G Suite data. However, a third-party can protect your Google Drive files by guaranteeing recovery from ransomware with isolated, offsite protection.

Separate user roles as security standard

Having your backup in the production platform allows for a single point of failure. A secure G Suite back up should include access controls and auditing for security purposes.

How to back up G Suite data using a third party? 

Redstor provides complete protection for all your data regardless of it being physical, virtual or stored in a cloud platform such as G Suite. If you are looking to back up G Suite data, then Redstor is the answer.

With rapid set-up, you can back up your G Suite data in as little as 15-minutes, ensuring protection from data loss, corruption and the effects of ransomware.

By utilising InstantDataTM, you can rapidly test recoveries and ensure compliance with both internal and external data protection policies such as GDPR and POPI.

Trial the technology today and see it in action.

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