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Online Backup Services: Storage and Data Restore

Online Backup Services: Storage and Data Restore

posted in Redstor ● 5 Aug 2013

Backing up and securing data is critical to a company’s business continuity and disaster recovery processes, and is vital in terms of ensuring legal compliance. However, some organisations still rely on dated tape and on-premise solutions which fall very short of the level of protection offered by Cloud backup. Security is undoubtedly one of the top concerns amongst businesses looking to make use of cloud services but numerous recent surveys indicate that security is actually one of the areas in which cloud-adopting businesses are seeing the most benefit.Research conducted by Microsoft has shown that 96% of SMBs perceive security to have increased upon adoption of cloud services. In addition, 84% believe that service reliability has also improved as a result. Other organisation benefits have been found to include better time management and a decrease in costs.So what can cloud backup offer you?A faster and more reliable backup and restore processCloud backup enables a restore to be performed at the touch of a button and in seconds. This relieves the employee of waiting for a tape to be located and transported to them, time that would typically be spent praying that the restore would be a success.When a restore is needed, it’s vital that the procedure succeeds and takes as little time as possible. Redstor can guarantee quick file recovery should a disaster occur and can guarantee that no data will be lost. This is due to having redundant copies of each file in  two geographically separate locations. Redstor also keep multiple versions of all files for 30-60 days so that different versions can be recovered. If a customer requires a very large amount of data to be recovered, it can be sent out to site encrypted on physical media at short notice.Lower overheads and greater flexibilityCloud backup enables businesses to avoid expensive hardware purchases and lengthy contracts. It enables businesses to scale their Cloud backup service as required, only paying for what they use. Cloud backup services usually aren’t restricted by limited on-premise storage as Cloud can scale up indefinitely.Services that backup to the Cloud are typically automated, performing backups at regular intervals. This removes the need for IT to spend time swapping over backup tapes and transporting them off-site or maintaining on-premise hardware and frees up their time to perform more value-add tasks.Increased security that ensures complianceWhen handling corporate data, the seventh principle of the Data Protection Act states, “Appropriate technical and organisational measures shall be taken against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal data”.Traditional backup involves someone physically managing the process before storing the data on-premise, or transporting it off-site for disaster recovery purposes. Businesses utilising these methods need to ask themselves if they are happy bearing the responsibility of handling corporate data whilst off-site, if they trust the people handling the data and what penalties they would incur if data was lost or stolen?Redstor’s range of secure, cloud-based services enables organisations to more easily comply with the Data Protection Act. Our Online Backup service helps ensure data is safely backed up offsite in an encrypted format. Our Centrastor service enables organisations to store and share files securely online and our CentraStage service enables support providers to guarantee that devices they support are regularly audited, patched and safely up-to-date.Redstor encrypts your data before it reaches our UK based servers, so no one, not even us, can read your data.  Therefore even during transmission to our facilities, your data is safe and secure. You can rest assured knowing that Redstor is also ISO9001 (Quality Management) and ISO27001 (Information Security Management) accredited.

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