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How to keep your business healthy during coronavirus crisis

How to keep your business healthy during coronavirus crisis

posted in Disaster Recovery ● 12 Mar 2020

How to keep your business healthy during coronavirus crisis

Updated: Reading 7 April 2020 – Up to a fifth of the UK’s workforce are likely to be off sick at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, according to the Government’s best estimations.

Official UK figures showed 5,373 patients had died in hospital after testing positive for the virus as of 5pm on April 5.

With the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 now totalling 51,608, Dominic Raab insists that it is too early for the UK Government to consider an “exit strategy” from the lockdown.

The Foreign Secretary stressed his intention to wait until after the outbreak hits its peak – which is not expected to be before Easter weekend at the earliest.

With employees still falling sick, restrictions on travel remaining and a huge shift towards home working,  DR tests using physical tape are a hassle.

Processes involving disk-based solutions can be faster as you can more readily simulate restores.

What can you do to ensure your organisation retains access to the data it needs for business continuity?

How protected are you?

From measures to dealing with changing workforce behaviours to updates on best practices, read our coronavirus DR guide on how to keep your organisation healthy.

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