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Backup’s Coming Home

Backup’s Coming Home

posted in Backup & RecoveryGDPR ● 10 Jul 2018

Data is a vital asset for all modern organisations, from law firms to schools to football associations, data underpins decisions and holds systems together. Defending data from an attacking force needs to be managed carefully and tactically and also needs to take into account the rules of the game (data protection laws). Organisations will over time see an increase in the amount of data they create and store so solutions that scale also begin to become important. Solutions may come with large signing-on fees and overseas solutions may become more attractive, however keeping data on its home-ground may be the difference between conceding a penalty and breaking the rules.

Data protection laws and industry regulations may stipulate where data can be stored, and best practice gives guidelines on allowing and controlling access to data. When it comes to protecting and managing data through solutions such as backup, disaster recovery and archiving transferring data overseas adds additional risk and in certain industries is a straight red. Suppliers and vendors with an international presence may offer a super-star contract but getting the right support is a must. Solutions must be able to stand up to pressure and dig-deep when the going gets tough, sometimes contacting a support team based in another country just won’t help you with your goals.

Don’t let backups go to extra time

Organisations are increasingly faced with having to operate almost 24-hours a day. Operational hours are no longer set in stone and an outage or stoppage at any time of day can now mean loss of revenues and damage to systems. As businesses grow the systems being used become more complex, harder to manage and un-centralised. In addition, multiple systems mean multiple sources of data; one of the challenges for organisations is to be able to make different data sources work together as a team, processing data and turning it into insight that is valuable.

With growing data sets, more complex systems and longer operational hours, data transfer windows for backups, are shrinking. This is a challenge as solutions must be able to do more in less time without risking security or breaking compliance laws.

The solution is to find a solution or solutions that are not only highly-efficient but that can handle large amounts of data without risk to service. Elements of security that are commonly used such as encryption must not be sacrificed and with increasingly complex systems, multiple systems and operating systems need to be covered by solutions. Backup solutions that take incremental backups rather than sending the full data set every time a backup is taken are likely to save time and cost associated with bandwidth and data transfer.

Worried about penalties?

With the GDPR coming into play on May 25th 2018, many organisations have been stepping up their efforts to ensure data is protected correctly. The penalties for non-compliance have been well publicised and the Information Commissioner’s Office is responsible for refereeing organisations in the UK to ensure compliance.

Following a recent breach, the ICO is currently investigating Dixons Carphone for a breach in data security that affected an estimated 5.9 million customers.

A data breach is defined as ‘A breach of security leading to the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure of, or access to, personal data transmitted, stored or otherwise processed.’

It’s coming home

Redstor is a unified backup, disaster recovery and archiving solution delivered from highly-secure English data centres. As well as having over 40,000 fans, the solution is supported from the UK, guarantees compliance with the rules and data protection laws and is cloud-based, taking away the pains of complex, timely management.

Redstor offers highly-secure incremental backups of data to ensure that shrinking backup windows are met and through AES-256 Bit encryption data is always safe from unauthorised access. Developed to scale to meet the needs of growing organisations the solution can manage data as little as a few gigabytes to hundreds of terabytes. To find out more about Redstor’s truly next-generation data management and to bring your backup home, get in touch now.

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