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MSPs: 7 benefits of a one-stop data management platform

posted in New Technology ● 30 Sep 2020

MSPs: 7 benefits of a one-stop data management platform

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many managed service providers to seek faster, easier and more scalable ways to manage their customers’ data. Remote and home working is placing a massive strain on IT departments and posing greater risks around data security and protection, while traditional on-prem backup and recovery solutions running on legacy infrastructure are time-consuming to maintain.

Legacy tech will be even less suited to the post-Covid world.

Clients are demanding innovative solutions that unify data management in a single platform and provide instant access to data, while MSPs need to be able to offer quick demos and trials and convert prospects into paying customers without delays.

A self-service, automated data management solution that is specifically designed for MSPs will not only streamline the sales process, it should also allow the easy management of multiple customers on an ongoing basis.

Here are seven reasons why a one-stop data management platform can help an MSP stay one step ahead of the competition.

1. Make it ideal for the new normal world

MSPs are discovering that automated, cloud-based data management is ideal for the current Covid-19 world as it can be deployed and managed easily, without assistance and without the need to purchase and install hardware, eliminating the need for site visits.

Data management can be extended and simplified further if an MSP protects a customer’s wider environment by automating backup and recovery, archiving and DR via a single vendor on a unified platform.

The technology exists for an MSP to manage a customer’s entire data estate from anywhere.

2. Flexibility with no upfront fees

Cloud-based data management is attractive to customers because they don’t have to pay large upfront fees.

With a self-service portal that is multi-tenanted and requires no hardware, MSPs can scale quickly and easily to make the most of increased demand.

Being able to manage and protect customers’ Microsoft 365 or G Suite data via a single control centre as part of a centralised data management solution should be a priority.

3. Cross sell and upsell by showcasing full suite of services

Even if an MSP starts by offering customers a core service, the option is there to build on it and diversify over time.

By adding products and services online, an MSP allows prospective and existing customers to see the full range of solutions on offer.

For instance a solution should be able to support on-prem and cloud environments and applications, including Microsoft 365 and G Suite.

Providing clients with 24/7 access to learn about, review and buy services is a very good way to advertise an MSP’s expertise.

Apart from obtaining quicker time to value, an MSP can also significantly increase upselling and cross-selling, driving long-term business growth.

4. Turbo-charge revenue with customer-driven business intelligence

A self-service portal is also an excellent way to gather customer insights, providing it is done securely, and respects data privacy.

You can see what products customers have purchased, and if services are being used. This data will inform sales and marketing teams so they can target campaigns better.

The best platforms will allow an MSP to identify where critical data may not be protected – and help with storage planning by indicating where a client’s redundant, obsolete or trivial data can be offloaded and archived in the cloud, freeing up their expensive primary storage space.

The best solutions will ensure that archived data remains instantly accessible.

Clients typically spend what they save on further hardware investment on the protection of their wider estate.

5. Free up time and resources

Customers want answers now, not tomorrow. They expect to be able to solve a problem immediately – and without delay.

The longer it takes you to respond, the more likely it is that a client will seek out your competition.

With a newfound capability to trial, demo, buy, sell, provision bill or scale at speed, everyone stands to gain.

According to a 2017 Microsoft survey, 90% of organisations expect to be offered a self-service portal where they can have a degree of control of their products and services.

When MSPs are able to renew and make changes to services without waiting on a vendor bottleneck to clear, it gives them more time to spend on complex, value-added technical challenges.

6. Full cost transparency

Everyone is getting used to having a full breakdown of costs online and no-one takes kindly to a large sum that can’t be reliably tracked or understood.

When clients have access to usage reports online, billing-related queries quickly diminish, freeing up an accounting department’s time.

A self-service portal makes the process of delivering cost transparency extremely simple and helps avoid ruining a long-term relationship with a customer who has unexpectedly gone over-budget.

7. It’s all about control

A powerful self-service portal should give MSPs full control over trials and account limits and streamline billing.

Look to take complete control of onboarding, provisioning and billing in a platform built for multi-tenancy, without having to rely on vendor support.

Whatever solution you choose, though, it is vital to ensure that 24/7 support remains available when required.

That support should also have all the expertise you need to solve any issue around the service.

What next for Automated Data Management?

MSPs deploying Redstor find they now have an unprecedented combination of automation and centralised control of all data. What used to take days or weeks now takes minutes with our automated data management solution.

Aggressively priced and accessible to everyone, Redstor is unlike anything else on the market, offering high margins and minimising MSP operational overheads via a comprehensive self-service portal.

Try Redstor for free on a 14-day trial and see how you can transform the way you manage your customers’ data with our automated data management solution.

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